EastonVFC website back up and running

The site is still a work in progress - and always will be (such is the nature of websites) - but the basics are there and much of the old content has been restored.

So what happened? Late last year a security flaw in the CMS system (Drupal) used to run this website allowed it to be hacked and compromised.

It has taken me until now to get it back up and running on a new server. I never expected it to take this long - but it did. This website is a volunteer effort (like the Fire Company itself) and it had to take a back seat to other demands on my time - including other more important demands at the Fire Company.

For those of you interested in the technical details:

The site is now running on a virtual machine over which I have full control. I can back up the entire machine in short order in a highly portable form.

We're still using Drupal 7 as a CMS - with all current patches.

The site was recovered to a new Drupal installation using a combination of files downloaded from the old ISP and content scraped from the Internet Archive Wayback Machine.

That's it for now. Please look the site over and send any feedback to joe@percyber.com